Internal Audit Commission

Oversight of the financial activities of the Company is exercised by the Audit Commission, which consists of not less than three members.

Members of the Audit Commission are elected by the annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM) for a one-year term until the next AGM. Any shareholder or candidate nominated by shareholders are eligible to serve on the Audit Commission provided they are not members of the Board of Directors, do not hold positions in the executive bodies of the Company and do not perform the functions of the Chief Accountant of the Company.

The activities of the Audit Commission are regulated by the laws of the Russian Federation, the Articles of Association of the Company and Regulations on the Audit Commission of the Company.

Audit Commission Members

Marina Zhuravleva

Year of birth: 1969

Education: Higher, АССА. Institute of Professional Accountants of the Moscow Region, All-Russian Distance Institute of Finance and Economics

Yury Vikulin

Year of birth: 1980

Education: Higher, Moscow Consumer Cooperative University

Anatoly Panarin

Year of birth: 1988

Education: Higher, State University of Management


Mikhail Makhyanov
Head of Investor Relations