Environmental Responsibility

Detsky Mir Group prioritizes environmental protection, responsible use of natural resources and recycling of packaging. The Company believes that the environment of tomorrow for us and the future generation – our children – depend on the careful treatment of our environment today.

Strategic Development Areas in Environmental Protection:

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Using recyclable packaging of individual goods
  • Increasing volumes of collected recyclable materials and recycled waste

We pay particular attention to environmental wellbeing and implement a range of projects aimed at reducing our environmental footprint and introducing sustainability best practices into our business processes. This approach has enabled us to significantly reduce not only the amount of energy consumed, but also the emissions produced.

Key Environmental Protection Achievements in 2020:

  • Prepared debut report on greenhouse gas emissions (calculation of scopes 1, 2 and 3)  
  • Held environmental campaigns in the office and retail chain stores: collections to recycle clothing and footwear, used household appliances and batteries, and wastepaper
  • Improved energy efficiency in distribution centers and stores
  • Improved transport efficiency
  • Set environmental requirements for logistics companies’ transport and fuel use


Sergey Levitsky
Head of Strategy and Investor Relations
+7 495 781-08-08 ext. 2315